What is the Tennis World Cup?


The Tennis World Cup 2024 is a revolutionary and incredibly innovative tennis tournament that will feature for the first time ever in pro tennis Women vs Men singles. It will change the game forever.

The Tennis World Cup will have a unique format and scoring system to create the most excitement possible for a tennis tournament of nations involving both sexes.

Four Quarters Tennis

All matches will take place over Four Quarters of 20 minutes each with each quarter having a unique format: The formats are Women’s singles, Men’s singles, mixed doubles and Women vs Men singles: a true battle of the sexes.

No Sets Tennis

In the Tennis World Cup there are no sets: the winner of a match is simply the team that has won the most games over the 80 minutes of competition.

The Tennis World Cup will be a biennial event so after 2024 the next tournament will be in 2026, then 2028 etc.