Sport 2.0

The Tennis World Cup is part of Sport 2.0, which is a new concept in professional sport that attempts to make sporting events more progressive and better to watch, and it means the following principles are adhered to when organising a sporting event:

  1. Women must, where possible, be able to compete on a rule-adjusted equal basis with men.
  2. There must be a contract-free option to view the broadcast of the Event.
  3. Sponsors must not use the Event to promote alcohol or gambling.
  4. Athletes that have been found to have ingested banned substances at any point in their career are not allowed to compete.


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Important Information

1. There is no guarantee that any players shown on this website will appear at the Event. There are several factors that will decide which players will play the Event including requested appearance fees, contractual obligations, and how far a player goes in the tennis event that immediately precedes the Tennis World Cup, which is The Championships 2018 to be played at the All England Club, Wimbledon. Some players may choose not to play the event solely on the grounds that it is an indoor event taking place immediately after The Championships on a different surface to the grass of Wimbledon.

2. Purchasers of Live Stream passes should be aware of point 1 above. If the Event does go ahead as planned purchasers of Live Stream passes will be refunded subject to the Organisers receiving a full refund from Madison Square Garden and any appearance fee deposits being returned by players minus any bank fees or credit/debit card fees.

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